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How much will my repair cost? It is very difficult to accurately predict repairs costs prior to actually working on the repair. Prices start from £25.00 and where appropriate and if possible we will contact you with a price before proceeding. You also have the right to state a limit which you do not wish to exceed. How long will my repair take? All repairs (That Cannot be repaired On-site) are done in the order in which they are booked in. When booking in your repair will be assigned a number and placed in a queue.  Typical repairs take 2 – 3 working days, repairs are often completed quicker, however in busy periods waiting times can increase. Repair times can also be effected by part availability in some cases. What do/dont you repair? We offer a repair service on PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s.  All jobs are fixed by Microtech, we don’t use third party engineers. We do not repair the following  TV’s, Monitors, Printers  Sat Navs, Mobile Phones, Consoles. Is my data / information safe? As part of a repair process we will always endeavour to ensure your data is protected and will always ask if a repair requires us to delete anything. However ultimate responsibility for your data lies with you and we cannot accept any responsibility for it. Please make sure you have a backup of any important data as once lost it often cannot be retrieved. Privacy, we will not access or look at your data, unless advised or compelled to do so by the client in the course of our work. Can I return my goods? We comply with Trading standards regarding returns of items found to be faulty. In compliance with trading standards you have no right to return where the following apply. - fair wear and tear - misuse or accidental damage - you decide that you no longer want the item although there is nothing wrong with it - faults that you knew about before you bought the goods e.g. where the goods were marked as 'shop soiled' Please be aware of what your buying as Microtech cannot take responsibility if you purchase the wrong items. Know your rights visit Trading Standards www.tradingstandards.gov.uk  Will you load software? We will only load any software where either a valid licence is purchased or provided by the client. Some software is free and legal to download, provided this is not hazardous to your computer or our systems we will be happy to download and install this software. Can you write me an insurance report? Yes, we write many insurance reports when Laptops or Pc’s have been accidentally damaged. We will always give an honest assessment of any faults or issues we find arising from any incident. We cannot and will not write a report that makes fraudulent claims. Please do not ask. We charge £25.00 for writing a report, in most cases insurance companies will refund this to you if they approve your claim. Can I do it myself? In some cases some people may be able to perform repairs on their own systems. However we have encountered many cases of people causing further damage by attempting repairs with insufficient knowledge. Therefore if you ask us if you can repair a system yourself we would advise against it. We cannot take into account any personal knowledge or skills you may have.
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How much will my repair cost? How long will my repair take? What do / dont you repair Is my data / information safe? Can i return my goods? Will you load software? Can you write me an insurance report? Can I do it myself?
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